Defend your Viking Settlement and send those Draugr back to Hél as you place towers to defeat the encroaching undead invaders!

  • Tower's can be purchased from the right side of the screen and placed on any of the "Nodes" that exist surrounding the path of enemy travel. once placed Towers will attack enemies as they march onto either there inevitable doom or the end of the path.
  • Not all towers attack the enemy and some buff your own towers instead
  • Placing a combination of tower types will be key to surviving as the game progresses

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Really like the game! Really impressive the art style and the amount that can be going on with the mass amount of enemies with the targeting and everything.

Some feedback: The WebGL version clips the start wave button without full-screening. Too much health for the base, it makes it too forgiving. It seems like every enemy is worth the same value. Perhaps different values may be more balanced?

But again, really liked it. Can't wait to see what you do next with this.